Speaking to Death

  My wife and I waited in a line that snaked down the church steps. We were there to pay our respects to the family of a friend. The funeral director approached us. Even though we no longer lived in the town where I grew up, our paths had not been totally different since high […]

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That’s One Sick Momma

It was late when I finally got the boys home from soccer. My wife met us at the door and I greeted her with a kiss on the lips. It had been a long day and I wanted her to know she had been missed. I kissed her again. There were groans from somewhere inside […]

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The MAWG and Mansplaining

This is for my people: MAWGS. Not familiar with the term? It stands for Middle Age White Guy. Times are tough for us middle-aged white guys, not that anyone is going to feel sorry for us. In a Baskin-Robbins a MAWG is the lonely vanilla ice cream at the end of the display case. Vanilla […]

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A Bunker in the Sky

  We took our Thanksgiving break with my wife’s family in Gulf Shores this year, where my in-laws own a condo. It was a large group and two more condos were needed. One of them, the one my crew stayed in, belonged to a friend of the family and was in the same building as […]

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Floaters and Frogs

I gave my wife a good Cuban Screw. It had been a hectic week and I felt like she deserved to relax. The Cuban Screw was an impromptu decision, and one necessitated by the supplies at hand. No wine. No vodka. Plenty of orange juice. And a weird bottle of rum we had been gifted […]

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The History of Little Mistakes

So I got called out by a 4th grader regarding a piece I wrote about our recent vacation where I continued my endless and tiresome mining of my middle-age mindset and suggested I might cut off my ear. Anyway, a hundred adults had already “read” the story and I heard not a word from them […]

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Vacation Truth

    When I go on vacation I always tell myself this will be the time when I get my life together, even if only for a short while. Somehow, I will escape the crazy and chaotic life I lead and enjoy one week of a calm and serene existence. I will exercise on the […]

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The Graduate

  (I wrote this last week prior to my son’s graduation.)     I was sitting on the front steps of my parent’s house. My best friend was there as a witness. My first son was teetering on his feet before us, then he wiped out onto the driveway. Grabbing my best friend’s arm before […]

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