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Tag: #family

The Graduate

  (I wrote this last week prior to my son’s graduation.)     I was sitting on the front steps of my parent’s house. My best friend was there as […]

Winter Love for Bethany

  This is a time in life where we don’t go on a lot of traditional dates.  They are most often spontaneous gatherings on the back porch. These dates usually […]

Will Christmas Find You?

  Where will Christmas find you? You know, that feeling that tells you it is a special time of the year, one of comfort and warmth and a full heart. […]

Sweet 16

Happy Birthday to the beautiful brilliant mess that is my daughter!

Mom’s Big Day

Marking a milestone with my mother in Covington, LA, last night… (Can you spot my “not so” mini me?)

Daybreak on the farm

The donkeys and chickens get up early. So did we. Beautiful morning. Here’s what it sounded like. You would think visiting a place like this would be a great time […]

We’ve got serious personality

Last night my family started taking a personality test around the dinner table. The wife had found some website that would ask you about ten questions and then tell you […]

A birthday night

We walked to dinner last night with the family to celebrate the wife’s birthday. It is probably a mile or two from our house to downtown, across a nice college […]

Middle Age Malaise

A few days ago I got in the shower and accidentally water-boarded myself. I mean it. I was so tired I stood in front of the shower head with my […]

A Washington Fix

  I could see yellow sweat pants as she leaned in the side door of a minivan ten years older than my own. A mop of gray hair was mashed […]