The MAWG and Mansplaining

This is for my people: MAWGS. Not familiar with the term? It stands for Middle Age White Guy. Times are tough for us middle-aged white guys, not that anyone is going to feel sorry for us. In a Baskin-Robbins a MAWG is the lonely vanilla ice cream at the end of the display case. Vanilla […]

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Floaters and Frogs

I gave my wife a good Cuban Screw. It had been a hectic week and I felt like she deserved to relax. The Cuban Screw was an impromptu decision, and one necessitated by the supplies at hand. No wine. No vodka. Plenty of orange juice. And a weird bottle of rum we had been gifted […]

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The History of Little Mistakes

So I got called out by a 4th grader regarding a piece I wrote about our recent vacation where I continued my endless and tiresome mining of my middle-age mindset and suggested I might cut off my ear. Anyway, a hundred adults had already “read” the story and I heard not a word from them […]

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The bride at jukebox 

   The bride has been criticizing bar juke box all night… Shes in charge now. Started with “Why Georgia Why”… Coldplay up next. We’ll see where it goes from here but I suspect there is some disco in my near future. 

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WTH? I had the whole family on board. It is Saturday Night Live. Not Sunday Night Live…

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