My Garden

GARDENI garden like I parent. I don’t follow the rules or stay within the lines. I don’t read the small print, or boring print. I love and water more than I should. Weeds? Get ’em when you can. Try to steer them if you think they are off course, and don’t really worry what that looks like to others. And this is the part I have to work on… Don’t focus on the end result. Every day is an end. What you produce is subject to lots of variables you can’t control. Do your best. And hopefully we will feast more days than we hunger.

One Dollar Seventy Two Cents (Less)

gas proices

Gas has been so high for so long I almost don’t pay attention anymore. I just pull up to the pump and take my beating.

It was different yesterday. I was amazed at how much gas the family “truckster” got for how little money.

How long had it been?

As near as I can tell the last time gas was this low around here Tiger was winning US Opens, the Giants had won a Super Bowl and the Gators won a National Championship. Michael Phelps was breaking records, not laws. Bill Gates had stepped down for a tougher job, which was trying to give away all the money he made at Microsoft. We were introduced to the Jolie-Pitt twins. Queen Bey was singing to the single ladies. And there was an Indiana Jones movie.

Come to think of it, there’s not a bad batch of movies out right now… so with the extra jingle from the pump maybe we’ll go check out an Oscar contender.

Say what? It costs how much money to go the movies?

Ok… maybe not.