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Category: Family


When I was seven I had surgery on my right arm for a bone marrow infection. The scar looked like the doctors were not as worried about the cut as […]

A birthday night

We walked to dinner last night with the family to celebrate the wife’s birthday. It is probably a mile or two from our house to downtown, across a nice college […]

Nostalgia is a Bitch, Y’all

I was standing in my living room with my mother. Two eight year olds were battling with Lightsabers around our knees. Since I wasn’t wearing a protective cup at the […]

Swimming with the fish(s)

“Dad, look what we won! Look what we won!” My twins were racing through the school, ducking around other parents and students. It was carnival night and I felt like […]

Driving Mister Dowdy

My oldest son has his driver’s license. When I think about my behavior once I was granted that responsibility, it scares the hell out of me. But, so far, this […]

The wife..

  This is one of my favorite pics of my wife. And yes we are in a juke joint. And yes I am drinking from a quart.

Life’s Normal Road Trips

They might be whining like their bladders are about to explode, but they’re really just bored, or hungry, and they know I’m not stopping for anything short of a national emergency, so they wait until a rest area is out of reach, then lie about having to go to the bathroom so they can rape and pillage the candy aisle in some 7/11.