Losing Pop

This is a story that ran in our EDGE of the Lake Magazine.  I was on a country highway I had not travelled in years. To my right, a road […]

Interview: Jeff Charleston

    I recently talked to Jeff Charleston, Head Coach at Ochsner Performance Training. Of course most people know him from his time with the Saints, including their Super Bowl […]

Birds and the Bees

Years ago, after my wife told me it was time to have the Birds and the Bees talk with our oldest son, I butchered the whole thing pretty badly. I […]

Interview: Lisa Condrey Ward

I recently got to interview Lisa Condrey Ward from the Southern Hotel and Alton Davis from Pascal Architects. They wanted to talk about The Garden House, Lisa’s newest addition to […]

Speaking to Death

  My wife and I waited in a line that snaked down the church steps. We were there to pay our respects to the family of a friend. The funeral […]

A Bunker in the Sky

  We took our Thanksgiving break with my wife’s family in Gulf Shores this year, where my in-laws own a condo. It was a large group and two more condos […]

Vacation Truth

    When I go on vacation I always tell myself this will be the time when I get my life together, even if only for a short while. Somehow, […]

The Graduate

  (I wrote this last week prior to my son’s graduation.)     I was sitting on the front steps of my parent’s house. My best friend was there as […]

Winter Love for Bethany

  This is a time in life where we don’t go on a lot of traditional dates.  They are most often spontaneous gatherings on the back porch. These dates usually […]

The bride at jukebox 

The bride has been criticizing the bar juke box all night… Shes in charge now. Started with “Why Georgia Why”… Coldplay up next. We’ll see where it goes from here […]

Will Christmas Find You?

  Where will Christmas find you? You know, that feeling that tells you it is a special time of the year, one of comfort and warmth and a full heart. […]

My Garden

I garden like I parent. I don’t follow the rules or stay within the lines. I don’t read the small print, or boring print. I love and water more than […]

Sweet 16

Happy Birthday to the beautiful brilliant mess that is my daughter!

Mom’s Big Day

Marking a milestone with my mother in Covington, LA, last night… (Can you spot my “not so” mini me?)