I’m FED UP… And I Intend to Tweet About it Soon

If I had just one word to sum up the Grammy’s last night I would use… quiet. No, I’m not talking about the actual volume or mic problems or the difficulty these artists faced trying to produce a live version of the canned sound we expect them to make. I just felt like it was a show full of rock stars who were strangely reserved and it occurred to me that while our politicians are loud right now, our music, not so much.
Before I go on, Demi Lovato killed it. And it wasn’t just how good she sounded, it was also the passion she displayed. On a quiet night, SHE was noisy. (Insert a happy face emoji here.) And there were others who stood out and they are all ridiculously talented. I even have a Boy Crush on Girl Crush, which is sounding kind of crowded. (Insert a heart emoji here.) But, as a whole, last night’s Grammys seemed to be a show that wasn’t very troubled in times that are anything but. Don’t our artists reflect what’s going on around us? Even if we can’t put words to it at the time, don’t we ground our collective psyche through a lost Janis Joplin? A depressed Kurt Cobain? A flying Jim Morrison? Even a hell-bent Hank Sr? Yes, these are extreme examples and these artists died too young. Dying sucks, but forget that for a second. These four literally could not make themselves fit into the broken world around them and their art reflects that. (Insert sad face emoji here.) So what did last night’s show reflect? I’m talking product as much as spectacle and it looked like a lot of awfully comfortable people, being kind of quiet.
Now here’s the kicker. This isn’t a criticism of the show last night or the performers on the stage as much as it is a criticism of us. They are feeding us exactly what we want and deserve. Right now, apparently, we respond to quiet music and LOUD politics. Forget a hair-band on a bender, apparently we want political shamans who ask us to look beyond what they have always been and trust them to become something else. (Share an inspirational quote on Instagram here.) In the presidential race the “loudest” politicos right now are a thrice married, reality TV star, casino developing billionaire versus a socialist legislator who really doesn’t have much history of getting things done. (I know, I know, the mainstream candidates don’t light my fire either.)
And last night we saw the trappings of rock stars and none of the trash. Sure, they looked the part and maybe they laid waste to a hotel room off camera (Note to self: Check Taylor Swift’s Snap Chat ASAP) but on camera they told us everything is pretty much OK. In fact, the tone of the show and the way they acted and most of the music they sang and the way it was delivered pretty much told us that everything is fine. (Insert Animal House Gif of Kevin Bacon yelling “Remain Calm” here.)
Look at the state of Louisiana. The government is on the verge of default. Important institutions will have to be cut. But this current budget crisis has been almost a decade in the making and despite a few screaming voices, the band just kept playing the same old tune while the boat took on water. (Tweet a pic of your fave band here and don’t forget your hashtags.)
We have more ways to communicate now than ever before. But we don’t seem to have much to say. Oh, we can bitch with the best of them. And we protest in a virtual world that is full of talk, just like this, but not much real action. (Insert middle finger emoji here.)
Seriously, could there be a better time than this moment for protest and outrage? Pick your poison based on your politics. Climate. War. Spending. Taxes. Income inequality. Racial inequality. Gender inequality. CEO pay. The middle class mirage. The fact that we imprison more of our people than China or Russia. There are plenty of reasons for protest. Our artists should be furiously advocating change and challenging the norm. Except they are a reflection of us. And we are cattle, standing on the fence-line, chewing our collective cud and watching the world go by. (Insert bored selfie here.) And one day soon a truck with a big trailer is going to pull in. Yay! We are going for a ride! (Insert happy face emoji here.) Only we are not going to like where that ride is headed or how it is going to end. (Insert steak emoji here.)
Oh yeah, in full disclosure, I left the room when Justin Beiber took the stage. So if he got righteous and made a lot of noise then you can forget everything I just said. Honestly, I kind of hope he mooned the crowd. (Insert winkey-face emoji here.) Either way, we get the art, and the world, that we fight for. Our politicians are making plenty of noise. And the rest of us, rock stars included, seem to be remarkably quiet.

2 thoughts on “I’m FED UP… And I Intend to Tweet About it Soon

    1. Fair enough, and I figured that comment was coming. I heard him loud and clear but still felt like the whole show was kind of muted. Not sure I expressed it well but just got stuck in the thought that are political types seem to be making more noise than our musical artists and that shouldn’t be the case. Thanks for taking a look.

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