Winter Love for Bethany


This is a time in life where we don’t go on a lot of traditional dates.  They are most often spontaneous gatherings on the back porch. These dates usually involve the drink of choice and most often it is a double date with our dogs.


We talk about our problems. (To quote Moneyball: all uptown problems.) We share stories about our kids, our extended family, work and whatever else comes to mind. I get a hug or two but wintertime hugs are not the best hugs since she gets COLD when it drops below 60 degrees outside. So yesterday I was not hugging her so much as I was hugging layers and layers of clothes. I mean, I knew she is in there somewhere. And, I did get to steal a kiss, but it wasn’t a long one because the dogs don’t like it, and if we carry on too long we’ll hear some kid inside the house screaming for us to cut it out.



winter tree pic



This was our view yesterday as the sun went down and it got me thinking about rebirth and growth and the quiet times we share with the person we choose love more than any other. I’m lucky because the winters in our relationship are usually mild and short, like the ones here in Louisiana. To say our love is perfect would be a lie. But when we slow down, when the spark between us goes dormant for whatever reason, we always seem to come back stronger, enjoying the bright colors and warmth of our renewed love all that much more.


For Valentine’s Day this year the love of my life gets to enjoy new braces, a trip to Costa Rica, another one to Disney and still ANOTHER trip to the mountains of North Carolina. She gets to travel to dusty sports complexes to watch our boys chase and kick a round ball, and after that, she’ll get to watch them throw, catch and hit a smaller ball. She’ll start paying college tuition, too, and she will actually take great pleasure from each of these things.


But she’s not really going anywhere and she’s certainly not getting braces. She’ll be on the back porch with me. If things go the way I’m planning, we’ll manage to have a few dates near the garden in the side yard, where we’ll watch the radishes, the cucumbers and the tomatoes grow. The options are limited in such a small space, but maybe we’ll find somewhere different to stand while we share our thoughts and admire each other. Hopefully it’ll be out of sight from the house so I can steal a few more kisses.  At least till the dogs start barking at us, and that’s good enough for me.

5 thoughts on “Winter Love for Bethany

  1. What a beautiful post! I chuckled at the part about the layers of clothes (“I knew she is in there somewhere.”) And I love the view from your porch. May you have many more years of watching that view together.

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