To the Graduating Class of 2015

We are in the thick of the graduation and commencement season and once again no one asked me to share any of my wisdom. I know what you are thinking. Post office took the day off. My email box was full. Phone call probably dropped. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it, too.
So I made my own list. Here’s my advice to those of you setting out on a new phase of your life…
1. Find a best friend you want to make whoopee with. It really is that simple. If your potential partner in life makes you swoon, then that’s great. If you can’t communicate with that person or if you don’t find what they say to be interesting or helpful or worth the oxygen they are using to produce it then that person is probably not for you.
2. Get over yourself. College and or high school is a place where you are allowed to explore and learn in a relatively safe environment. Welcome to the real world, where lots of people simply don’t care about you, won’t give you a fair shot, and will take advantage of you if you let them.
3. Money is important to your happiness, if only because a lack of it can control your happiness. I chase what I call the middle class mirage. Don’t take this the wrong way. Making a lot of money will not make you happy. But, not making enough money can certainly make you miserable. Decide what you want to do and figure out how much that is going to cost. If you want to own the biggest house in town, figure out what that’s going to set you back and go get it. If you want to wander the earth doing good deeds for others, take a pen to paper and come up with the amount you need to survive.
4. Life is a journey. And like all journeys there will be some wrong turns. When you think you have gotten off track, get back on the right path, even if you have to stop at some seedy gas station and ask for directions.
5. Be passionate. Some people will tell you to find your passion. I say be passionate in all things and what you are supposed to do will find you. And there is a good chance that your passion will be something other than what you planned on it being.
6. “Carpe diem” before you are “deadum.” The clock is ticking. Don’t wait for better days tomorrow. Live for today.
7. Be brief. People generally stop listening after a minute or two. And they stop reading after point #3.

That’s it. My graduation speech, should I ever be asked to deliver it. Now go forth and conquer the world! Or, move back into your room at home. Your parents will pretend like they are glad to see you.

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