We are finally shining some light into the dark corners of the NFL. I wonder if the public at large really wants to see what they’re about to see. Or if this will be news for a little while and then the public will turn off the light.

2 thoughts on “NFL

  1. My money would be on they will turn the light off. The NFL is too important to our society in too many ways both as a sport, a past time and financially. However, this has been one more step forward. How large we won’t know. Also, I give no credit to the NFL organization as shining the light, but some media and other organizations. The NFL would have hidden this as they do all other crimes of this nature for their players. On the bright side, some pun intended, any light is good.

    1. Well said. I love football, but I think it has lots of problems. I think it is going the way of boxing as a sport (give it 20 years) and the lawsuits over head injuries will rival the ones against the smoking companies.

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