A birthday night

good nightWe walked to dinner last night with the family to celebrate the wife’s birthday. It is probably a mile or two from our house to downtown, across a nice college campus. Yes, a little warm, but that seems to be the best time for conversation with our kiddos. No electronics or TV or distractions. It is amazing what you can learn on a short stroll when they are “forced” to interact with you.

2 thoughts on “A birthday night

  1. It seems the only time my husband and I really talk these days is while walking the dog in the evening. And when my girls were teenagers, I often asked one or the other of them to walk with me because it gave us an opportunity to talk about stuff they didn’t want to say in front of their father (who, God bless the man, was always home and always involved, but sometimes we wished he wasn’t, ya know?).

    Your post was lovely.

  2. Ah, human interaction! We miss it when it’s gone. My partner and I tend to talk most in the car and over dinner. Oh, and I call her every workday during my lunch break and we eat lunch together over the phone. (Sounds weird, but we’ve been doing it for years.)

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